Important Dates to Remember



July 1 – New assessment period begins. Filing for individual and business personal property, farm use and homestead exemption commences.

July 15  - Tax statements are mailed to individuals and business' real and personal property owners. Taxes are based on properties, real and personal, owned on the previous July 1st.

September 1 – Business personal property returns and farm use applications are due in the Assessors  office. New farm use vehicle decals are to be in use. Managed Timberland applications are due in Charleston. There is a 2.5% discount to those who pay 1st half taxes. 

October 1 – Deadline for making any current years individual personal property assessment in assessor’s office.

October 15  - Natural Resource tentative 10% increase notices for each industrial real property account that received an increase in value of at least 10% or $1000.00 are mailed.

December 1 –  Deadline for applying for Homestead Exemption. Those who have received the exemption at their current residence and still reside there need not re-apply.

January – During the last week of January, the Board of Equalization and Review takes appointments for appeal hearings that will affect the up-coming years tax bill. Hearings are held during the first two weeks of February. Industrial and mineral appeals are taken at this time as well.

February – Board of Equalization and Review meets to hear appeals of value. Appointments are required.

March 1 – Second half of taxes with 2½ % discount due.

March 3 - Assessor certifies the values for each of the 22 taxing districts. Levying bodies can begin establishing tax rates for the new tax year.

March 15 – Tax Commissioner closes Assessment books for current year. No changes can be made.



The Assessor’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

For more information, please contact our office at the following numbers:


                 Individual Assessments                                      304-367-5410

                 Online Assessments                                            304-367-5411
                 Business Assessments                                        304-367-5413
                 Homestead Exemption                                        304-367-5407
                 Fax machine                                                       304-366-6532
                 Taxes Due                                                           304-367-5310
                 License Information                                            304-367-5324