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(Years 2001 to Present)         
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Below you may view scans of the                         OLDER Property Record Cards.

In the past, there were seven (7) district numbers used for billing purposes. With the advent of the I.A.S. (CAMA) system, the Assessor’s office created new district numbers 01 through 22. They are as follows:


01 Barrackville

02 Fairmont District

03 Fairmont City

04 Grant Annex

05 Union City

06 Winfield City

07 Fairview

08 Farmington

09 Grant District

10 Grant Town

11 Lincoln District

12 Mannington District

13 Mannington City

14 Monongah Grant

15 Monongah Lincoln

16 Paw Paw District

17 Rivesville

18 Union District

19 Winfield District

20 Worthington

21 White Hall

22 Pleasant Valley


Parcel ID consists of   
   DISTRICT      MAP               PARCEL                SUB-PARCEL             SPECIAL ID
      22              _24A                 0015                         0001                        0000

 So Parcel 22-24A-15:1 would appear on the PRC as  22 24A001500010000

To find this PRC  open folder 22 Pleasant Valley   then open folder 22 24A and scroll to card 22 24A001500010000


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